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Changing My Artist Name! 

I wanted to share my latest news with y'all, which is: 

I am changing my artist name from "Redd Knight" to "Chris Lee". 

That's right, Redd Knight has left the building.  Mostly.  I am not abandoning my previous music, which is still available at iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.  Nor am I changing my musical style. 

What's up with the names? 

It's not meant to be a radical change, just something I've thought about for a while and discussed with some people.  As my family and some others know, "Chris" is my given first name and "Lee" is my middle name.  So I wanted to do this to be a little more authentic but also have a name that is still easy and workable. 

How I started using the name Redd Knight is kind of a long story.  But I was a redhead growing up so I was commonly called Red. The other huge factor was that my given last name is something that no-one ever, ever gets right in the history of my life.  And maybe my ancestors.  My family can back me up on that.   

Old troubadour? No thanks 

At the time I figured Redd Knight was a name I could use even when I turned into an overweight, jovial, old, red-headed troubadour.  But things change and the name just wasn't fitting any more. My hair hasn't even been red for some time--it's blonde (ok with a little gray).  Plus I decided to stay young and in shape forever.  Yes, you can decide that.  But mostly like I said, I wanted to be a bit more authentic and match who I am.  So please bear with me as I go through this John Cougar / Mellencamp transition.  I am working on renaming my social medias: 

website: thatchrislee.com
twitter: thatchrislee
facebook page: Chris Lee

As always, thanks for your support and listening to my music! 

New CD now available for pre-order! 

My new CD "A Little More Whiskey" is now available for pre-order.  This special order will include the physical CD--with signature--and a free Redd Knight camo koozie (beverage cooler), and they will ship on or before the official release date of September 12.  To order just go to this link:


Appreciate the support!

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